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  About GWIPS-viz

GWIPS-viz aims to provide on-line tools for the analysis and visualization of ribo-seq data obtained with the ribosome profiling technique, see Ingolia et al (2009) Science.

GWIPS-viz is based on the UCSC Genome Browser, developed by the Genome Informatics Group, Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz.


May 2016
The GWIPS-viz browser now supports strand orientation for bacterial studies.
Additionally we have applied a 3' prime offset to determine the A-site as mentioned in Woolstenhulme et al. 2015.

June 2015
The GWIPS-viz hg38 global ribosome profiling track is now available on the UCSC Genome Browser. Select Full view to see the GWIPS-viz Riboseq track which is available under the Expression group.

  Conditions of Use
GWIPS-viz is based on the UCSC Genome Browser source code. Please see if you wish to download and modify the GWIPS-viz source code. If you wish to acknowledge GWIPS-viz in your publications, please cite Michel et al (2014) Nucleic Acids Res.

GWIPS-viz is supported by Science Foundation Ireland.SFI