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Full Version: genome request
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I would like to align to two mycobacterial genomes: M. smegmatis and M. tuberculosis but they are not currently on the list of linked genomes.

Please could you help?


Hi Beth,

The genomes that we have listed correspond to genomes that we have in GWIPS-viz so that user data mapped to these genomes can be explored in the context of published data.

However, you can nevertheless still map your own mycobacterial genome data using RiboGalaxy. You can select 'unspecified' as the genome. You will however need to also upload a FASTA file of your genome/transcriptome (see help section 'if your genome is not in GWIPS-viz'

Just to let you know that we will be away for a few days but will reply to any further query as early as possible next week.

All the best,
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