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Full Version: About plotCDS parameters in RiboseqR
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In order to get a plot on "Metagene analysis of individual lengths mapped to their 5’ends", I am using "the plotCDS parameters" in RiboseqR/(Step3) Metagene Analysis. By default, the plotCDS plot includes Frame 0, Frame 1, and Frame 2. But is there a way to plot just one of the frames? Thanks!

Hi there,

If I understand correctly, you want the counts for one of the frames only to be displayed in a metagene plot?

Unfortunately, in the current riboSeqR implementation on RiboGalaxy, this functionality is not available. Instead, the counts for all 3 frames are displayed in different colours.

Yes, I want a plot for just showing counts for one of the Frames. I see. Thanks!
Are those colors pre-determined or can you change them?
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