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Full Version: Are replicates averaged, or is one chosen for display?
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If a ribosome profiling experiment has replicates, is one chosen for availability on GWIPS, or are the replicates averaged (or summed)?

For example, in the Ignolia 2009 track for yeast Elongating Ribosomes (A-site), both "Footprints-Rich" and "Footprints-Starved" are shown to have replicates, but only one file for each is available for download. This is true of many of the tracks in yeast.

Thanks in advance!
Hi there,

In GWIPS-viz all replicates are summed. This is to minimize the overall number of tracks and make it more manageable.

In Trips-Viz ( each replicate is available as a separate entry if this is useful to you.

Kind regards,
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