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How are the peaks for the coverage profiles are generated.
Hello Kamini,

The coverage files display the number of sequence reads that align to each coordinate. In other words, the number of sequence reads that "cover" a particular genomic coordinate are counted and displayed as a bar.

Ribosome profiles, for the eukaryotic datasets, display the coordinates of the A-site (for elongating ribosomes) or the P-site (for initiating ribosomes) that are inferred from each sequence read by adding a specific offset to the coordinate of the most 5' nucleotide of the read.

For the prokaryotic datasets, a center-weighted approach (Oh, E. et al. Cell 2011, 147, 1295–1308) is used to indicate the most likely positions of the ribosome A-site.

Hope this answers your query and if not please let us know.
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