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Track hub functionality - jdcl - 27-Apr-2018 01:37 PM


As part of a study in predicting TIS i set up a track hub which shows the model's predictions on the genome browser.
Although everything seems to work nicely, I was wondering whether there is a way to manipulate the tracks which are loaded by default.
For example. As I trained my data on ribo-seq data of Li2002 (for E. coli K12), it would be convenient for me to hide the global aggregates + mRNA-seq data and only show the data from the specific study when loading the predictions using the track hub.

RE: Track hub functionality - audrey - 27-Apr-2018 02:55 PM

Hi there,

It is very interesting that you have generated a TIS track hub for E.coli K12 using Ribo-seq data.

See section "Displaying Track Hubs by URL and in sessions" in the link below: which is the same as

Is your query related to a private track hub or a public track hub for GWIPS-viz?

RE: Track hub functionality - jdcl - 27-Apr-2018 03:00 PM

Hello Audrey,

I have gone through the manual, I have yet not seen any documentation on how to edit any track which is present by default.

I am planning to use the hub as a more user friendly to explore the results of my studies, and is supposed to be public.

The idea/question is whether it is possible for me to disable/enable tracks which are loaded by default through the settings present at the track hub url, as illustrated in my first post.

I would send you a temporary hub link i created but I don't want to post it publicly, and private messaging is disabled.

Thank you!

RE: Track hub functionality - audrey - 27-Apr-2018 03:19 PM

Hi again,

If it is for private usage, then the tracks that you wish to have displayed/turned off can be saved as a session and the session file can be uploaded when needed.

However, I am not sure how to configure this for a public hub. You can email me on audreymannion at gmail and I will try to look into it asap.

RE: Track hub functionality - jdcl - 27-Apr-2018 03:22 PM

I know information about hiding/showing tracks is actually saved in the file retrieved when saving your settings. Sadly enough I see no way of implementing these into the information present at the track hub URL, as I can't define any preferences about tracks that are not hosted at that location (to my knowledge).