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Error in GWIPS-vis mapping - rdb817 - 18-Jun-2019 07:53 PM


I tired to run the GWIPS-viz Mapping tool called 'Generate ribosome profile using offset from 3'end (e.g. MNase data)' on a BAM file of footprints aligned to the Hg19 genome. It came back with the error 'needLargeMem: trying to allocate 0 bytes (limit: 17179869184)'. Does this mean that I will need to run this on a server or a more powerful computer?
I'm new to ribosome profiling and bioinformatics in general and am not sure how to proceed.

Thank you,


RE: Error in GWIPS-vis mapping - audrey - 19-Jun-2019 09:42 AM


It is difficult to determine the exact reason for the error that you report. It may be that your bam alignment file to hg19 is very big and there may be insufficient memory to process it on RiboGalaxy especially if other researchers are also using the resource at the same time.

To troubleshoot your issue further, could you provide us with your RiboGalaxy username (not your password) or alternatively if the error message gives the option to email the RiboGalaxy team with the error details.


RE: Error in GWIPS-vis mapping - rdb817 - 20-Jun-2019 11:04 AM

Hi Audrey,

Thanks for your help, I have emailed an error report as you suggested.

Best wishes,