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initiating Ribosome Profiles from all studies.   (All Initiating Ribosomes (P-site) tracks)

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     Chen 2020  All data from Chen et al. 2020, Null, added 2020-9-22   Schema 
     Crappe 2015  All ribosome profiling data from Crappe et al. 2015, SRP042937, added 2016-11-14   Schema 
     Fijalkowska 2017  All data from Fijalkowska et al. 2017, SRP090415, added 2018-02-05   Schema 
     Gao 2014  All data from Gao et al. 2014, SRA160745, added 2018-03-23   Schema 
     Gawron 2016  All ribosome profiling data from Gawron et al. 2016, SRP065022, added 2016-11-11   Schema 
     Ji 2015  All ribosome profiling data from Ji et al. 2015, SRP054971, added 2016-02-10   Schema 
     Raj 2016  All ribosome profiling data from Raj et al. 2016, SRP066598, added 2016-12-01   Schema 
     Zhang 2017  All data from Zhang et al. 2017, SRP098797, added 2018-02-19   Schema 


The complete historic of this Global track can be found in the global aggregate log file.

See individual studies for breakdown on method of data acquisition and processing.
Chen et al. 2020